These are indeed stressful and challenging times!

We live in a very uncertain world that demands preparedness, adaptability and resilience.

As many cities remain on quarantine or lock down, there is an increase number in depression, stress, fear and anxiety hovering upon us and causing us to worry about our health, our family, our businesses, our careers and our future.

The goal of this course is to help you navigate life during these trying times.

Would you like to DISCOVER ways on how to THRIVE more?

Are you looking for tips on how to struggle LESS?

Not too many years ago, my life was missing something.

I was a stay-at home mom, living abroad, going thru a mid-life crisis.


While most of us consider each day a blessing, I thought of my life as a continuous battle. The struggles and the challenges started blowing away the raging fire within me, and left me hopeless and unmotivated.

According to best-selling author, John Maxwell, “A difficult crisis can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose – a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve.

So, I started  a year long journey to uncover the secrets to  living life fully through research upon research and by interviewing experts, authors, speakers and advocates in the field of stress management, natural health, energy management, spirituality and nutrition.

This experience changed my life and the way I see challenges. It paved the way for a life-changing breakthrough and now, I want to share these tools and techniques with you.

Imagine taking this course at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or office and potentially achieving the following:

  • You can sleep better at night.

  • You become more productive and gain fresh new ideas every single time.

  • You feel energized and happy.

  • You learn how to  manage your finances better.

  • You become more creative,inspired and fulfilled.

  • You regain your  passion and live a purposeful life.




This class is based on my best-selling book, “Grace and Balance: How to Thrive in Stressful Times”.

In this masterclass, you will discover the 3-STEP Guaranteed Thrive in Stressful Times (TST) System:


Here, we will be discussing how to improve your sleeping habits and become more at ease with proper self-care.


MODULE 1: How to Improve Your Sleep


MODULE 2: Self-Care 101



This is where we tackle the techniques on how to remove toxins that wreak havoc in our mind and body

MODULE 3: Detoxifying the Body and Mind

MODULE 4: Using Aromatherapy for Stress Management



Here we will be discussing how to rejuvenate your energy and your life and feel more creative, fulfilled, balanced and purposeful.


MODULE 5: The Power of Prayer

MODULE 6: Living a Life of Gratitude and Purpose

MODULE 7:  Improving the Way You Manage Your Finances

Are you ready to redesign your life and thrive in stressful times?

No more excuses!

No turning back!

Do you want to do whatever it takes to discover that force that will drive you to get things done?

Remember that results don’t happen overnight, so you need to stay consistent with this powerful self-development program.

Focus and work patiently.

Tap into that boundless energy.

Conquer your fears.

Learn the secrets on how to achieve clarity and unleash your full potential.

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USD 9.95Never retreat in the face of difficulties. Advance as conditions permit.

Here is a recap of what you will discover in this self-paced, transformative masterclass



MODULE 1: How to Improve Your Sleep

MODULE 2: Self-Care 101

MODULE 3: Detoxifying the Body and Mind

MODULE 4: Using Aromatherapy for Stress Management

MODULE 5: The Power of Prayer

MODULE 6: Living a Life of Gratitude and Purpose

MODULE 7: Improving the Way Your Manage Your Finances


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